What makes Asher Institute the best choice for stylists-to-be?

 If you are looking for a cutting-edge, well-rounded, affordable and competitive education, Asher is the best choice. Our packages include all the books and supplies you need to start your education to become the stylist of your dreams! We also offer both day and night classes to allow students from all walks of life to participate in our programs.


How does Asher Institute prepare students for state licensing exams?

 We take our student’s success personally—OUR success depends on it. When it comes time for state licensing exams, we schedule students for one-on-one instruction, culminating in a full mock exam where we create an environment as close to the actual exam as we can manage. That way, students know what to expect when the big day arrives.


Outside of classes, how will students get to express their skills and creativity?

 Asher Institute students are regularly asked to participate in events in the community where they are given the opportunity to show off their rapidly growing skillset. Opportunities have included styling models at fashion shows and more.


How does Asher Institute prepare students for their career?

In addition to teaching the technical skills needed to be an excellent stylist or barber, we also take the time to teach our students how to be successful business owners. Our students take turns working behind the front desk, stocking shelves, sweeping up AND working with clients so they truly understand how a salon or barbershop works from the ground up. That kind of inclusive education is what makes Asher Institute graduates successful, outstanding professionals in their field.


What courses are offered at Asher Institute?

We currently offer Cosmetology, Barbering and Instructor training.


Does Asher Institute offer on-campus housing?

No, we do not offer on-campus housing.